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Corydon, IN


The Miller Farm was established in 1885 in Webster Township near New Middletown, IN. John & Catherine Miller was the first generation of Millers to own the farm followed by Herman and Ora Miller, then Stanley & Margie Miller. The current owners are Lynn and Laura Miller with their children Matthew, Annalea, and Curtis Miller.

Through the years the farm has been very diversified, growing small grains, corn , hay, tobacco, soybeans, hogs, chickens, and cattle. Gardening has always been a way of life on the farm. Every generation grew a variety of vegetables and spent hours preserving them for winter use. Hard work has always been prevalent from working the land with horses back in the day and now more modernized operations of using tractors and combines.

Currently, Lynn Miller, raises several grain crops, alfalfa, and grass hay. Hogs and calves are raised for freezer meat for the farmer's market. A large variety of vegetables are also grown on the farm, sold under the name "Miller's Meats and Produce."

The Miller family enjoys working together and providing fresh all natural products to the public.





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