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I am from India where spice is life. In addition to Chai, I have grown up enjoying several herbal concoctions of my mom, grand mom and aunts. When I came to America, I was very excited to find Chai as a common drink at coffee shops and stores. But, when I tried Chai from coffee shops I was very disappointed that It did not even remotely match the home made authentic Chai. "Aahaa Chai" was thus born to create the original blend of Chai- Just like at home. All our chai blends are made with all organic ingredients and no artificial flavors. I started with the traditional Masala Chai “Maharani’s Bold Masala Chai" (black tea base with awesome spice kick) and slowly expanded my wings to create various other blends like Rooibos Kappi Chai ( no caffeine chai with a bite like coffee), ChocoMate Chai ( delicious earthy chai with Yerbamate as base), Coconut Zing Chai ( our desserty no caffeine chai), Blissful Rose Chai (flowery chai with subtle rose notes). All our blends make a perfect





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