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The Confectionery Sweet Soap

S.K. Rhoades Celtic Love Knot Earrings in Sterling Silver

Handmades & Crafts: Gift, Easter, Gifts, Jewelry, Vegan

These Celtic Love Knot Earrings are a universal symbol of a love and spiritual renewal. If you love someone of Irish or Scottish decent or just a woman that really loves the TV series Outlander, these might just be the perfect gift. The Celtic love knot is created using one continuous eternal loop of metal to symbolize loyalty, friendship, love, and connection. Life and eternity are married in this beautiful piece of jewelry. Also a beautiful gift for mom. Details: 1" long 1/2" wide Solid sterling silver ear wires Celtic Lover's/Mother's Knot Charm Each piece will vary slightly from the picture since they are handmade.USA / Indiana / Vanderburgh County

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