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Circle Kombucha

Circle Variety 4-pack


A variety 4-pack of our nutrient-packed, low-sugar, kombucha. Includes 1 Peach Blossom, 1 Pomegranate, 1 Ginger Lemon and 1 Rotating FlavorUSA / Indiana / Marion County

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    Q: Come back to SWO Delivery! You have me hooked and now you ghosted. :) <3

    A: 'Thank you for your support! Sorry we don't deliver to Cincinnati via MarketWagon currently, but you can find us at your nearest Fresh Thyme or Whole Foods! You can use the locator page on as well for more options. Cheers!'

    June 6th, 2021 person_outline Brittany P.
    Q: What is the sodium content?

    A: 'Each serving has about 20 mg of sodium. That's a little less than 1% of the recommended daily value. '

    April 16th, 2021 person_outline Michele Z.
    Q: Can growler bottles be returned to you?

    A: Yes, though this item contains 12oz bottles. Not growlers.

    March 3rd, 2017 person_outline Lea V.
    Q: Is there caffeine from the tea?

    A: There are naturally occurring amounts of caffeine in the teas that we use. Most people, even caffeine sensitive consumers do not notice the caffeine.

    December 2nd, 2021 person_outline Rebecca W.
    Q: Is sugar an ingredient?

    A: Sugar is part of the fermentation process. Only Ginger Lemon and Peach Blossom technically have "added sugars." Less than 9grams per 12oz bottle.

    December 2nd, 2021 person_outline Wendy
    Q: How many carbs are in these sodas, on average?

    A: We are around 10g per bottle!

    December 2nd, 2021 person_outline Jason
    Q: Buy kombucha

    A: You sure should!

    December 2nd, 2021 person_outline Jacqueline Danner
    star star star star star

    format_quotegood way to sample some different flavorsformat_quote

    June 6th, 2021 person_outline Kim S.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteGood varietyformat_quote

    April 16th, 2021 person_outline Audrey B.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteI'm going to advise you not to buy this.... because it's addictive! :)format_quote

    March 3rd, 2017 person_outline Kim
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