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Fresh Lions Mane Mushrooms 4oz

Fruits & Vegetables: Fresh, Indiana Grown, Mushrooms, No Herbicide, No Pesticide, No Synthetic Fertilizer, Organic

Lions Mane Mushrooms have an extremely mild flavor and will absord the flavor of what seasoning they are cooked with. Lions Mane are a very spongy mushroom and are best if sauted by themselves until crispy. Sauted in a little bit of butter and the take on a crab or lobster flavor. Our mushrooms are grown indoors so there is no need for pesticides or chemicals. We use a 100% organic process during the growing of all our mushrooms. Your order will only include the edible parts. No stem or spines.

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Q: Is the medium upon which your mushrooms grow organic? I have heard of some being comprised of sawdust bound w chemicals and/or covered with plastic bags. Thanks for any information you can provide!

A: I use hardwood saw dust and straw for the growing medium. No chemicals or dangerous additives are used. The process is organic but we are not certified organic. I do use plastic grow bags that are designed specifically for growing mushrooms. The bags are food safe and do not pose a problem.

February 23rd, 2019 person_outline Susan F.
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format_quoteI LOVED these! I got 2 nice pieces in a box that kept them very fresh. I used them the next day and made lion's mane crab cakes! They were delicious. I'm getting again. format_quote

February 23rd, 2019 person_outline Matt M
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format_quoteDelicious and so fun! Thank you for offering these, our whole family enjoyed them. format_quote

December 18th, 2018 person_outline Maddy
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format_quoteAnother five star review! I broke them into pieces like a cauliflower and sweat them in a dry pan until they started to brown then added butter, salt, black pepper, and minced garlic, finished them with a squeeze of lemon. (I think a quick deglaze with sherry would be lovely as well.) I served them over a risotto with herb crusted pork loin on the side. The mushrooms were the star!!format_quote

November 4th, 2018 person_outline Corrina
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format_quotelove these mushrooms, so fresh and yummyformat_quote

August 20th, 2018 person_outline Nic
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format_quoteI Loved these. fresh! I slice them thick. put on med hot skillet for 2 min, flip 2 min. add butter to each side and cook until golden. put on toasted open face sandwich with swiss cheese ( more butter) & sea salt. so good!format_quote

August 13th, 2018 person_outline Heather