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Sauces & Condiments: Thanksgiving, Condiments, Dressing, Salt, Sauce

CHICKEN BROTH CONTRATE 8 OZ JAR *Broth concentrate is basically stock or broth that's reduced until it's a small amount of really intense flavor. *To use the concentrate, simply mix a few tablespoons into a cup of hot water and it's ready to be used just like any regular broth or stock. * Can be used in soups and brothsUSA / indiana / bartholomew County

Chicken bone broth, salt, chicken fat, corn sugar, natural flavors, xanthan gum

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  • IND-Thursday
  • Evansville
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    Q: What is the sodium content?

    A: 'The serving size for the Chicken Broth Concentrate is around 2 tsp (12 grams) and the sodium content per serving is 480 mg.'

    November 29th, 2021 person_outline Yolanda .
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