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Champagne Mimosa Vinegar

Our Champagne Mimosa vinegar starts with ripe juicy citrus. This is a true California Champagne vinegar. A nice citrus flavor makes this vinegar perfect on seafood, poultry, or salads. Marinade winter squash and bake for a nice winter treat or splash over summer greens for spectacular salad experience. This flavor is perfect over salad or fruit. Sofi™ Gold Award winner. PERFECT PAIRINGS: The Olivet Cranberry Walnut EVOO, Mission EVOO USES: Wonderful paired with Extra Virgin olive oil for salads, drizzle over fruit, or add an extra pop of flavor to seafood and poultry. 200 ml. USA / Indiana / Floyd County

Vinegar diluted with water to 5% acidity, Sugar, Citrus. *Contains sulfites.


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