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J & N Farm

18 ct Large Farm Fresh, GMO-Free, Organic fed chicken eggs

Eggs: Cage Free, Free Range, Non-GMO, Non-GMO Feed, Pastured

This is 1.5 dozen (18 eggs) of our farm fresh, free range, GMO- FREE, organic fed chicken eggs. Grade B. Bright yellow yolks, good flavor and healthy to eat! We believe that spoiled chickens lay better eggs and we make sure we spoil every chicken on the farm.USA / Indiana / Vanderburgh County


Only 4 remain available.

Q: Are you local to Evansville, In area, and if so, can I purchase directly from your farm whenever needed?

A: Yes in Darmstadt. Address and phone number are on my egg cartons. Can call or text that number.

July 16th, 2019 person_outline Melissa Weatherly
Q: Do your chickens get fed any human food scraps, or are they fed non-GMO grain in addition to eating bugs?

A: They get the produce I grow for them (pesticide/chemical free), the gmo free grains and the fodder I grow for them.

July 16th, 2019 person_outline Robin Mallery
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