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Hinkle Farms

100% Grassfed 1 lbs. Ground Beef Packages (90/10)

Butcher Shop: 100% Grass Fed, Beef, Grass Fed, Ground, Hormone & Antibiotic Free, Non-GMO, Non-GMO Feed, Pasture Raised

Indiana beef raised at Hinkle Farms in Vincennes. Grassfed and grass finished. Beef processed at Dewig Meats in Haubstadt, Indiana. No hormones or antibiotics. Ground beef is 90% lean.


Sorry, this product is unavailable at this time.
Q: Could I have 2 lbs of ground beef before thus coming Saturday? If so, where do I pick it up?

A: Yes, if you order through here, you will pick up on Thursday in Evansville . Feel free to contact us directly at to with more questions

March 21st, 2019 person_outline Joy McDaniel
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