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Young Urban Homesteaders

KimChi - 16oz (Probiotic)

Sauces & Condiments: Condiments, Dressing, Gluten Free, International, Sauce, Spices

16 oz Jar. A Hoosier Twist on a Tradition from the East. Fermented cabbage, daikon radish, and carrot, flavored with our own blend of Indiana deliciousness. A live, probiotic food that puts the finishing touch on almost any dish. Just 2 tablespoons a day benefits your digestive health. Made with local ingredients when available.USA / Indiana / Allen County

Organic Cabbage, Organic Daikon Radish, Organic Carrot, Organic Potato, Organic Onion, Organic Apple, Peppers, Garlic, Organic Ginger, Pink Himalayan Salt


Q: I am interested in products that are non GMO - does this product fall under that category

A: Yes. We have not been certified by a third-party, but we do not use any ingredients that are gmo. In fact, all of our ingredients are certified organic, but we have not pursued organic labeling because we like to keep the door open to smaller farms that follow organic practices but have not become certified. However in all of our current batches even the local produce is from certified organic farms, which is verification that none of the ingredients are genetically modified. Thank you for your interest and for eating clean food!

March 20th, 2019 person_outline sandy betts
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