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"Cheesecake" - Hot Chocolate 4.75oz Tart

4.75oz Tart. Decadent. Luxurious. Delicious. There's no cheese in this Cheesecake. There's no gluten, either, if you were wondering. So why did we call it cheesecake? ​ Taste it. Savor it. Enjoy it. The filling has all the silky smooth decadence that comes from cashews. The crust is a blend of dates for sweetness, sunflower seeds for texture, and walnuts for rich flavor. Rich, but not too sweet. All the pleasure. None of the Guilt. USA / Indiana / Allen County

100% Organic Ingredients: Cashew, Reverse Osmosis Water, Date, Sunflower Seed, Coconut Milk, Evaporated Cane Juice, Walnut, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Extract


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