Meet Tim & Tiffany Shinkle, TS Farms

Jan 5th, 2019

Up until a few years ago, Tiffany Shinkle would tell you that she and her husband, Tim, were just “play farming.” But playing got serious when Tim was laid off from his job. Faced with a career decision, the two decided to make a living off their small farm with their kids. “We didn’t come from a farming family. We couldn’t get thousands of acres to start a commodity farm,” Tiffany said. “But we could start a herd share and we could feed our neighbors.” And that’s just what they’re doing.

They had a strong desire to farm, and to farm with health in mind, so they decided that it would be best to take their products straight to consumers through deliveries and farmers markets.

Tim and Tiffany farm their own 4 acres, and rent other ground for hay and extra pasture, in New Vienna, Ohio. Their three daughters Traci, Tara, and Tessa are very instrumental in the daily operations of the farm. All totaled, they utilize about 150 acres in 7 locations.

The idea started when their young daughter started having health problems. Through a process of elimination, they identified milk as a root cause. After doing some research, they decided to try raw goat’s milk instead of the processed milk they had been getting at the store. Her symptoms cleared up almost immediately. Their cow and goat herd share program allow them to share this same nutritious milk with other families who need it.

The farm soon expanded to meet local demand for eggs, beef, lamb, chicken and pork. They also raise duck, quail, goat, and turkeys. But, staying true to that “raw” origin, all of their animals are pasture raised with no hormones, steroids, or antibiotics used. Instead, they use essential oils and holistic practices to care for their animals.

You can find them every week at the Madeira Farmers Market, or you can get it delivered through Market Wagon. Shop online today right here.