An Unlikely Farmer

Sep 8th, 2017

Claire Trost was an unlikely farmer. She was born in downtown Chicago without any connection to agriculture. Her husband Adam, on the other hand, was raised in a small Indiana town in an agribusiness family. He might have been easier to imagine as a farmer. But while they were both working their first post-college jobs in Indianapolis, neither one saw the farm coming…

After a few short years in the city, their careers led them right back to that small town where Adam grew up. No longer in an urban apartment, their house sat on an abundance of land in Russiaville, Indiana. Although from different backgrounds, the Trosts had one key thing in common – they shared a passion for local food.

Right away, they started to garden. And what began as a small hobby quickly grew.

Last year they decided to turn their passion into something more. The land they owned, which was previously used for the conventional corn and soybeans, was converted to pasture that summer. They grazed pigs, chickens, and turkeys. The land was coming back to life in an unexpected way, and a brand-new legacy was born in Bent Arrow Acres.

With their first full year under their belts, these unlikely farmers have proven that you can always shoot your arrow into a new direction and do things that might surprise you.  They're adding more livestock this year, expanding the garden, and finding a tremendous response from their local community.

If you want to support Adam and Claire, their products can be found and purchased through Market Wagon, and delivered right to your doorstep each Thursday.

Every purchase you make helps local farmers, like Adam and Claire, help their communities in turn. Indiana could always use new farms. Let’s show them our support.

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